Multi-room Audio solutions

Russound Mulit-room audio sound system party-mode

Russound manufacture audio solutions from a simple room system to advance systems capable of delivering that whole-house audio solution. These systems are bespoke and designed around your home controlled with wall touch plates or the 'MyRussound' app on a mobile device.


The Russounds range of products can be wireless or wired and create a welcoming atmosphere in every room.


We have been accredited as a Russound Certified Installer allowing us to design, supply, install and commission a beautiful sound system to compliment every room in your home.


Ceiling speaker grill round square multi-room sound system

Speakers can consist of Floor, shelf, wall or ceiling mounted. Ceiling speakers work beautiful with the original architect of the room.


The speakers have thin magnetic edgeless grilles and are available in round or square, they can be painted to match the decor if desired.


Russound speakers feature high quality drivers, sophisticated crossover networks, and advanced designs to ensure optimum reproduction in your home, no matter what the source material may be.


What ever your choice, we can supply solutions for background music, dedicated music listening and home theatre usage.