Trevange Services won the #LiveInstallBattle 2013

What a wonderful end to the year, we won the #liveinstallbattle of 2013 with a sample of our work. Below are some of the comments received by votes on twitter.

Colin Thomason (@Flugle2009)
24/12/2013 11:33 pm
@trevange @LiveInstall @HDConnectivity well done and well deserved
Sparhawk Unified (@SparhawkUnified)
24/12/2013 10:37 pm
@trevange @LiveInstall @japbespokeav well done and well deserved, Trevor.
#LiveInstall (@LiveInstall)
24/12/2013 09:57 pm
#liveinstallbattle is over, we have a winner, @trevange. Thank you for all your votes over the last two weeks!
Stortford Audio (@StortfordAudio)
24/12/2013 09:31 pm
@trevange @japbespokeav congratulations Trevor!
Kris Gamble (@customised)
24/12/2013 09:28 pm
Well done @trevange on winning #liveinstallbattle from Customised. Celebrate!
#LiveInstall (@LiveInstall)
24/12/2013 09:10 pm
@trevange wins #liveinstallbattle with @ce_pro and @HDConnectivity


#LiveInstall (@LiveInstall)
24/12/2013 09:02 pm
@japbespokeav 62 votes

@trevange 63 votes

Win for @trevange 

Perfect Integration (@perfectintUK)
24/12/2013 08:14 pm
@LiveInstall @japbespokeav @trevange good luck and may the best install win!!
24/12/2013 08:14 pm
@LiveInstall @japbespokeav @trevange I'm sorry Stu Ive backed you all the way & was hoping you two wouldn't face off my vote
Is with Trev
#LiveInstall (@LiveInstall)
24/12/2013 07:33 pm
Who is going to take the honour of having the best #liveinstall of 2013?

LiveInstall veteran @japbespokeav
LiveInstall new-boy @trevange
Insight Digital (@Insightdigital_)
23/12/2013 09:39 am
Thanks to those who voted in lastnights #liveinstallbattle @trevange walked it and well deserved I must say! Good luck in the next round!
#LiveInstall (@LiveInstall)
23/12/2013 09:35 pm
We have our finalists
@japbespokeav - Sussex based @CEDIA_Region1 member
@trevange - Essex based @RDI_2012 accredited biz
Iain P (@Kustomworks)
23/12/2013 08:33 pm
@LiveInstall @visualsoundsltd @trevange both are great but @trevange wins it for me with the finish looks real nice and tidy great work
23/12/2013 08:23 pm
@LiveInstall @visualsoundsltd @trevange tough tough one i was hoping you two wouldn't go head to head....sorry Jon but my vote goes to Trev
Sparhawk Unified (@SparhawkUnified)
23/12/2013 08:16 pm
@LiveInstall @visualsoundsltd I can see you did a really good job there, @trevange. One of the best installs in the competition. Favorited!
Smart Home Sussex (@twingos)
23/12/2013 08:16 pm
I've gone @trevange because that's my type of work. #liveinstallbattle now difficult second decision.