New London (Crystal Palace) channel numbers for DTT

Crystal Palace Transmitter
Crystal Palace Transmitter

On the 18th of April 2012 analogue channels were finally switched off from the Crystal Palace transmitter and the new Digital channel numbers were announced. In most cases the TV and Digital recording devices will automatically tune in to these new channels when auto tune is selected. But in some cases it may be necessary to tune the channels in manually. Listed here are the new channel numbers to use in this case.

BBC1, BBC2 and some other BBC services are on channel 23


ITV1, Channel 4, Five & other services are on channel 26


The HD services are on channel 30


ITV3, Quest, 5* and other services are on channel 25


Pick TV, Dave, Challange & other services are on channel 22


Yesterday, Film4, ITV4 & other services are on channel 28



For more infomation on other services that are on channel numbers above, please call me on 07954 424645 on send us a message here